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Friday, April 22, 2011

Chad Seigel Joseph Tacopina Venus Fly Trap

It is hard to believe it is the 21st Century with Misogyny, HATE and Abuse like this tolerated.

"It's not like a Venus Flytrap and snaps?" attorney Chad Seigel asked.
"That is a terrible example," Judge Gregory Carro interjected.

What the 2 alleged RAPE cops did and in my opinion they are guilty as sin, what they did was terrible and will get them prime real estate in Hell but whom ever scripted  this comment by Seigel must enjoy very hot places (not sexy places but HELL) and is also shockingly sexually ignorant and or pure misogyny in my humble opinion.

The defense of the rape cop went too far and crossed a line.

I wondered how Joe Tacopino looks himself in the mirror but visiting his website he does and very often with pure adoration.

Chad Seigel is just a vile creature posing as a human being and maybe one days these two will be treated they way the rape cops treated the victim and face “defense attorneys’ like themselves.  Of course they think that will never ever happen.

You understand why rapes are under reported.

Women we need to out these lawyers dehumanizing verbal rapes -- hate crimes and make it harder for them to get away with it.

The PBA needs to openly rebuke these two lawyers.