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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Joe Tacopina Hire Him For 20G He'll Bed Your Wife???

Scroll down link above - until u see photo of Joe.

Joe Tacopina has haters for some reason.      Make sure u read the bit on Bernie Kerik!!! 

Thanks for link. Visit Joe's site for his bragging -- a must do. Some super lawyering!!!

Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Venus Fly Trap Vaginas - 2 big time misogynist lawyers who never took a sex Ed class or just hate women so had a good laugh about comparing women’s genitals to a venus fly trap in question form?  Maybe they have a lot of sexual anxiety or just have no respect for women....?  Read about the alleged hotel room visits in the link above.

I read you the response from Grievance Committee Supreme Court -- clearly Judge Carro and Committee not fans of Chad Seigel’s analogies even in question form.  Chad’s response really offensive TS rape treatment -- contact me if you want to read any of the above.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chad Seigel Tacopina Seigel NYPD Rape Cop Suzannah Troy's Grievance

Supreme Court Dept. of Disciplinary Committee not going to punish Chad D. Seigel, Esquire but the Supreme Court Disciplinary Committee does echo the sentiment of Judge Carro in relation to the crude and inappropriate term  Chad Seigel used in defending his client(s) in the underlying rape trail, it does not rise to the level of misconduct warranting discipline pursuant to the NY Rules of Professional Conduct.

Folks -- Chad Seigel and Joe Tacopina got away with putting the rape victim on trial and an in your face hate crimes against women.  Rapes are up and under reported.  Another NYPD officer has been exposed raping yet another innocent woman and another NYPD officer has been exposed involved with drugs -- as making money off of drugs.  Why not since Cy Vance has given a message to the NYPD -- go for it with drugs and you will get barely a wrist slap rolling the heroin in the NYPD rape cop’s locker in to a year sentence.

In Chad Seigel’s response to the grievance he gives me the full Tacopina Seigel rape treatment and slanders me and Veterans from WW2, Korea and Viet Nam as well as LGBT activists who bothered to protest in front of their law offices with me because we objected to their behavior in court and putting the NYPD rape victim on trial.

Anyone who cares you too can write and complain for Chad Seigel comparing women’s genital in question form to a (Venus) Fly Trap.  This file is closed with in thirty days folks unless you care to write them and tell them your opinion -- at least we can make the file a bit thicker and send a message.

You don’t get to prey on us, rape us because we a drunk, how we are dressed or even naked, it doesn’t matter if we are dressed provocatively from babies to grannies stop the violence towards women, the rapes and murders.   Click on the link to see the photos of the Art Posters I made to dehumanize these misogynist lawyers and it worked.  I can show you Chad Seigel’s upset in his own words sent to the committee as he beat me up lying up me and trashing me.  I call it lying and slander when he says I sent to his offices to harass him.  I had a protest in front of his office with the permission of the NYPD.

Write to:
Department Disciplinary Committee
Supreme Court, Appellate Division
First Judicial, Department
61 Broadway
NYC, NY 10006          re: Chad Seigel, Esq. Docket No. 2011.1204

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel A Series of Sock Puppet YouTube Accounts Harassing Me

Scroll  all the way down and read the comments posted on YouTube using the word Cunt on behalf of Tacopina Seigel.  And funny but The Village Voice exposes the NYPD Rape cops using the same word!
http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2011/07/cy-vance-nypd-rape-cop-heroin-folks.html  Find links to 2 articles, 1 NY Post and 1 Village Voice of cops from the 9th Precinct using the word cunt.  One NYPD officer calls his female Lt. Cunt to her face.

I went to block the anonymous account but the user has disabled the account temporarily to stop me from blocking.  I forward a group email to the FBI just for good measure .  I continue to demand that Google do more to stop cyber stalking and harassment including allowing stalkers to temporarily make their page unavailable after abusive attacks.

Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel the NYPD Rape Cop Rapist with heroin in his locker.....well, Slut Walk did not have a NY branch yet and now praised me but didn’t show up when I held a protest outside the two slimy lawyers offices.  Why would I say they are slimy besides raping the rape victim in court again putting her on trial.  They did everything but accuse her of raping the two cops and compared women’s genitals to a Venus Fly Trap in question form another set-up for blaming the victim.

Tacopina Seigel’s medical expert was Dr. Essing who handed over Baby Lisa with out any paper work and Lisa was finally beaten to death by Joel Steinberg at age 6.  The juries believe him, a man in my opinion that was in part responsible for baby Lisa’s murder rather than the forensic nurse who said the bruising on the cervix was from a pattern that would support the victim’s story.

Was the fix in because here is Brian King and a short heavy woman (I can’t tell if she is obese because of her very baggy clothing) smoking cigarettes who said she knew me from my YouTubes and than wouldn’t leave my side after I asked her until I pulled out my video and started filming her.

The short heavy woman with the cigarette urged Brian King to tell us about getting an acquittal which he did a length and also told me my grievance against Chad Seigel would be thrown out for comparing our genital to a Venus Fly Trap.

I was concerned for me and my fellow protestors safety and so I alerted Internal Affairs and every division of NYPD possible including the LGBT activist since we had gay activists protesting (ironically men not women), the local precinct, and even contacted Commissioner Kelly’s office.

Since then there have been a series of annoymous sock puppet accounts and I can’t help but wonder if perhaps people from Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel are jumping off their Tacopina email to create these annoymous accounts to harass me.  It would be awful if this woman -- who would not agree to give her name yet consented to be filmed is going on to YouTube not giving her name or someone she is associated but it makes Tacopina and Seigel appear like low lives....

I have been sent info on Joseph Tacopina and if you have any more info and Tacopina Seigel and anyone else associated with them you know how to find my contact information if you look at my artist’s website.

We are all ears on anything you want to share.

I have contacted the AG to investigate Cy Vance’s handling of the heroin in the NYPD rape cop but the Public Integrity spokeswoman practically laughed in my face and said in so many words the DA is above investigation and to vote Cy Vance out which is going to happen.

If only all these women and men joined me in front of Tacopina Seigel and I hope one day they will do so.  I really want all these people and Occupy Wall Street to protest Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel as well as Cy Vance the DA.

Chad Seigel’s response to the Supreme court grievance gave me the satisfaction my art -- my large laminated posters was a bulls eye on their bull -- their load of hatred towards women.

I want the media to ask them if they have any idea why rapes are up in NYC and yet rapes are under reported.    I want the media to ask them if the newest rape cop exposed felt emboldened by this pathetic excuse for a case.

Some cowardly sock puppet accounts bragged about the Tacopina Seigel getting a full acquittal like Joe Tacopina’s website with Joe crowing but I have a funny feeling the NYPD rape cop is going to jail for a year and how ironic if he gets in to trouble there as well even with special treatment he some how screws up.

Chad Seigel threatened me with a law suit if I didn’t remove my grievance and I haven’t yet he has not served me.  I would counter sue him and there are question that I am people that follow my blog want to ask Joseph Tacopina about women, about the NYPD, about the PBA and I want to call Bernie Kerik.  I also want to call certain female family members Tacopina Seigel including Joe Tacopina’s mom who a woman walking by our protest chatted with me about and she thought his mom would not approve of Tacopina’s behavior.


Was the harassing misogynist comment   on behalf of Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel’s over weight gal smoking cigerettes a response to yesterday’s posts?


Is it from someone close to Joe Tacopina and this woman or someone that owes Joe Tacopina a special favor?  Are there NYPD officers that owe Joe...?  I am just wondering and it was a concern of mine which is why I called Internal Affairs before I went up to protest Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel demonizing the rape victim.

Like the blogger that was threatened by Casey Anthony’s lawyer I haven’t been served but there is one big difference.  I am taking questions and I was sent a legal document and I want to ask Joe about this one because his name pops up -- who knows maybe it is a forgery.....?   And I want to call Bernie Kerik and ask Bernie Kerik a lot  of questions about Tacopina Seigel, I want to ask Kerik about NYPD ticket fixing, about any favors Kerik may have knowledge about and also if Kerik knew about NYPD cops raping any women or men....if he had any knowledge.

I want to ask Kerik about Levitt’s NYPD Confidential and how Kerik used NYPD officers to pay late night visits to Fox employees because he was told by his mistress one of them may have stolen her jewelry etc.   No one had -- she had misplaced her various missing items.  I have a series of questions along this line.

So is someone close to Tacopina Seigel harassing me -- it would strange if it was a retired NYPD officer or someone close to Joe and that heavy woman that likes to blow cigerette smoke in people’s faces that ask her not to.  I told her I have acid reflux and it burns my throat.  She did not care until I turned on my video camera.

I have been told Joe Tacopina is a terrible guy, a real low life that belongs in jail.  He clearly is in like company and admired by creatures lacking empathy, a moral compass and get ahead of themselves like Joe -- that NYPD rape cop with heroin in his locker is nothing to brag about but we can ask if mom, Mrs. Tacopina if she thinks so.

Was this post from yesterday what stirred up a cowardly cyber stalker’s cunt attack on behalf of Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel  Brian King and that short heavy cigarette smoking staff member who refused to tell me her name just like the stalkers won’t use their real name!

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SL8R71 has made a comment on Joe Tacopina's Underling Brian King Talks Acquittal! 1800 Rape Away Misogynist Lawyers!:
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Protest Against NYPD Rape Trial Verdict @ City Hall

My 1st Protest May 11 outside Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel’s law offices.

Next Pat Lynch, PBA Offices asking him to explain why the PBA did not use their in house lawyer but two high priced lawyers for one moron amoral rape cop, why?  To send a message to corrupt cops to rape away?  To send a message to corrupt rapists cops we got you covered.    Joe Tacopina charges 750 an hour so what does Chad Seigel charge?  How much was the case and how does the PBA work it out so Pat please explain.

Just like the NYPD ticket fix scandal our answers asking for names of City Hall officials from NYC council members to people in the Bloomberg administration have been with held.

We have the NYPD ticket fix scandal so many of us are wondering if there was a DNA fix as well for the corrupt rape cops from the 9th Precinct.  The 9th Precinct has their own chapter in the Mollen Commission.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel + Underlings need Female Anatomy Lesson + Their KKK like Hate Venus Fly Trap

Suzannah Troy · Mason Gross School of the Arts - Rutgers U.
These creeps belong in jail and if only Joe Tacopina, Chad Seigel, Brian King and a hideous woman that works with them could be treated as they treated the rape victim comparing her and all women's private parts to a Venus Fly Trap.

The arrogance and misogyny is sickening and painting the victim as the aggressor no surprise since a Venus Fly trap lures it prey and their goal to dehumanize and demonize.

Karma will be served and a higher court will serve judgement as well. Explain why PBA didn't use their in house lawyers but picked 2 of their high priced hired sharks. Message to dirty cops - rape away and we will arrange 750 dollar an hour lawyer and what did Chad Seigel charge. Why two moron high priced liars oops lawyers for one moron amoral cop.

Tacopino. Seigel need anatomy lessons and to lose their KKK attitude towards women.

It is shocking how ignorant Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel are about women’s sexuality and how filled with hatred and disdain all in the name of giving crooked cops the most expensive and best defense but their hate for all the world to see explains why Stieg Larrsson’s “Men Who Hate Women” renamed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series are best sellers and all three books are now being filmed for the American audience.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNNl9yF_Iu8&sns=em File Grievance against Chad Seigel.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfnD4qSg8Qo&sns=em Protest in front of Tacopina Seigel’s Office
The article above tells you Jury deliberating....

Watch Brian King (smoe) and this hideous woman with a cancer stick give me the full rape victim treatment. They behave like KKK trying to accept their justification of The Venus Fly Trap question asked by the horribly anatomical ignorant hateful Chad Seigel.

It is like Joe Tacopina runs a personal cult of men and women that think fleshing eating predator Venus Fly Trap when it comes to women especially bruised raped vaginas.

The hideous woman with the cancer stick that refused to step away from me when I first asked her to off camera like she got off forcing her cancer habit on me and it burns my throat which feels like a burn after 9-11 thinks vile Chad Seigel can explain away his hate crime.

People think Tacopina are scum but rapists and murderers like Joe Tacopina, Chad Seigel and Brian King.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tacopina Seigel as Vile as Rape Cops - Tacopina Seigel How About Your Back Doors Violated and Discussed in Court compared to Venus Fly Trap Misogynist Lawyers - Moron Rape Cops PBA Match Made in....?

5:44 PM
May 17, 2011
Explain why the PBA did not use one of their in house lawyers? Duh? Why did they get one of their most or the most expensive sharks for higher Joe Tacopina who you can watch on YouTube saying van der sloot who I believe raped both of his victims and than tossed them like trash was innocent. Why did the PBA hire two liars oops lawyers for one moron AMORAL cop and how much does Chad Venus Fly Trap charge an hour. Tacopina Seigel’s goal was to dehumanize and demonize the rape victim and all women sending a signal to all dirty cops to rape away and they will cover them and scare off more victims of rape! Tacopina Seigel think they will never get raped and their back door discussed and compared to a Venus Fly Trap. They are as vile as the rape cops.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel indirectly harassing Suzannah B. Troy? Just wondering out loud?

Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel indirectly harassing Suzannah B. Troy? Just wondering out loud?

I got a couple of comments and the account on YouTube was blind and it was on behalf of the two employees that I filmed and I had a strong response back.   The comments and the blind account were all documented.

Stay tuned.

It would be so odd if I had the priviledge of having my lawyers  deposing Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel in court.  I have some interesting info that I would love to have them cross examined about and the two employees as well since the YouTube starts with me asking the woman staff member to step away from me and she refuses to do so until I turn on the camera.

Bomb Threat NYC High School + Newspapers NOT reporting News



Saturday, May 14, 2011

Joe Tacopina calls NYPD Rape Cop Moron but so are Tacopina Seigel Venus Fly Trap

Tacopina and Seigel aren't going to apologize but attempt to justify Venus Fly Trap comment as my 7 and half min. YouTube with their moron young lawyer Brian King and this hateful woman that also works for them attempt to do with me but there is no justification.

KKK would attempt to justify the "n"word or the "k" word but there is not justification.

the Judge told Seigel it was a terrible example so how can Seigel and gang even think for 2 seconds let alone 10 minutes to me that there is a justification for using the Venus Fly trap as an analogy to a rape victim or any woman's vagina. There goal was to paint the drunk woman who was vomiting all night as the aggressor and like a venus fly trap lured these guys with her beauty and than crushed their careers and lives like a venus fly trap does a fly.

There goal was to dehumanize her and demonize her to get two corrupt cops off and they may have a lot more they don't kiss and tell about.

Just a reminder Tacopina got the heroin tossed out -- the heroin that rape cop had hidden in his locker.

The rape cop says he doesn’t kiss and tell so I am wondering is there anything else he isn’t kissing and telling about and is that why he some how got two high priced attorneys to represent him. Are Tacopina Seigel and whom ever set them up with the rape cop sending a message to corrupt cops to rape away and for girls and women to not come forward?

Brian King Joe Tacopina’s Underling Talks Acquittal! 1800 Rape Away the Misoygnist’s Lawyer Chad Seigel, Brian King and Joe Tacopina


Oh by the way, I chatted with a very sweet older woman and she told me she was friends with Joe Tacopina’s mom and was going to talk to her about Joe.


Brian: We look forward to reading more about you on Joe Tacopina’s website.  Did Joe ask you to talk to me about an acquittal?

Chad Seigel Misogynist Mr. Venus Fly Trap Reference to Rape Victim’s Bruised Vagina. Did Joe Tacopina script that or was that all Chad Seigel?


I guess that opposite of Flower Power is Venus Fly Trap.

"It's not like a Venus Flytrap and snaps?" attorney Chad Seigel asked.
"That is a terrible example," Judge Gregory Carro interjected.

As usual the women’s group mainly funded with big bucks are dead silent.

Gee whiz do you think Joe wrote down those misogynist words or did Chad Siegel come up with it himself?

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2011/04/21/2011-04-21_nurse_backs_up_testimony_of_woman_accusing_two_nypd_officers_of_raping_her_while.html#ixzz1KCRM0i2u

Chad Seigel and Joe Tacopino must have shared a laugh over that Venus Fly Trap comment now understanding it reflects their own anxiety and fears but it proves they are confident they will never be raped and they will never have to endure what a rape victim courageous enough to come forward and endure the abuse and assault by high paid supposedly educate men and women like these two...

Chad Seigel and Joe Tacopino  are just two reasons rapes are under reported.

Pat Lynch and the PBA need to rebuke these two lawyers and censure them.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Join us for Protest Against Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel NYPD Rape Cop Lawyers tomorrow Wed. May 11 12:30 to 1:00 lunch time

Join us!

May 11, Wednesday 

275 Madison Avenue by 40th Street 12:30 -1:00
organized by Suzannah B. Troy artist activist
Violence towards women is a global issue and rape is an epidemic.

Rapes here in NY are reported up 24 percent according to fox http://www.myfoxny.com/dpp/news/rape-cases-up-24-percent-in-new-york-city-20110425-lgf

I got the paper work to file a grievance against Chad Seigel for his "Venus Fly Trap" question comparing women's private parts to a Venus Fly Trap asking if "it" snaps shut? and clearly comparing us to flesh eating plants was to paint us as aggressors which is  Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel's strategy.

Tacopina Seigel hired Dr. Mitchell Essing to refute the forensic evidence and this is the MD that handled over a baby girl to be named Lisa to Joel  Steinberg with no paper work who beat her to death 6 years.   

Below I am wearing a custom shirt I made for the protest tomorrow on my sleeves and on the back is Yu Yau's name to honor her memory.  She was grabbed by the hair in Queens and pulled in to an alley rape and beaten to death with a steal pipe.

The T-shirt has a custom made message front and back and I consider it a piece of art calling for justice and to stop the violence towards women by going after educated lawyers that have put the rape victim on trial.

I have LGBT and US Veterans that have committed to standing along with me tomorrow.

Please cover this protest because the concerns are global concerns from babies to grannies there are rapes, high statistical numbers of domestic violence here in NYC and just too many deaths with baby girls to grannies being murdered.   

A great concern is even more rape victims will no come forward.

My name is Suzannah B. Troy.   I am not running for political office.  I have gotten speed bumps for Anna Silver school when a public member from Community Board 2 told me I would never get it and I got bathroom doors returned to the women's bathrooms in Tompkins and I had the pleasure of seeing a handicap woman and her assistance go in and close and lock the door.   I have volunteered with pre-school handicap kids at Rusk at NYU Medical Center and donated my white blood cells twice and gallons of platelets.  I am too tired to donate right now.  Please help me send a message that the violence towards women, rapes and even the way they are treated in court must change which is why I am filing a grievance with the Supreme Court.  The US Veterans are joining me because I had a successful protest against the manager of the Mercer Hotel for harassing them and several are handicap.  Among the most handicapped is Eric who is 80 and can barely walk. He is coming with his cane and he insists on standing to the best of his ability and supporting me protest and I hope you will so we can send a message to NYC and to the world.
Thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy

It does not matter how we dress, if we are drunk or a baby or grandmother -- no one can be allowed to rape us.

Excerpt from my speech tomorrow:

We are here to Stop Rape Rapes are up in NYC and Rapes are under reported.   After the the Rape Cop Trial even more girls and women will be too scared to come forward so that is why we are here!
First thank you for being here!  You showing up makes a difference.  We here to send a message to slim bucket lawyers that put rape victims on trial!

Violence towards women from babies to Grannies is a globally crisis and in NY we have a rape epidemic.

Before we get to the hate crime that happened in court by NYPD rape cop's lawyers Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel I want to ask every New Yorker to help stop crime - to keep your eyes peeled - to call 911 - we must stop the violence!!!!   We urge victims of rape to come forward which takes immense courage.

Yu Yao 28 years old was randomly grabbed by her hair, pulled in to an alley where was raped and beaten to death by a monster with a pipe. 

Yu Yao wanted to be a lawyer. She would have been the best of lawyers. 

Let's get to the worst. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy Organizing a Peaceful but Angry Protest Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Law offices Stop Rape including in the Courts NYC

I just set up an email stoprapenyc@yahoo.com

It will take me time to get back to you and I am thinking we should have the first protest with a group in front of Joseph Tacopina’s Law Offices in a month or so....

I have to figure out the timing.  Because of possible harassment you have to send me some kind of info in the email that you are the real deal and I will email you back.

We do not need a permit because we will not be using a loud speaker and we will be under 50 people.

I have commitment from people already including straight, gay and transgender.

We will be peaceful but angry.  We will have flyers to hand out with Chad Seigel’s comment comparing women’s genitals he calls “it” to a Venus Fly Trap that snaps that I frankly think was an in your face hate crime.

Our flyers will address the staggering rise in rapes and how rapes are under reported and even more so with abusive tactics like Tacopina Seigel that put the victim instead of the rapists on trial and as well as “questions” laden with pure misogyny.    

Thank you!
Suzannah B. Troy

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel NYPD Rape Cop Lawyers Venus Fly Trap Protest C...

Suzannahartist has shared a video with you on YouTube:

Joseph Tacopina Legal Defense for NYPD Rape Cop compare Victim’s Vagina to Venus Fly Trap Protest Poster by Suzannah B. Troy

I support good and brave NYPD and a percentage of the sale of this shirt goes to a police foundation. I condemn the rape cops for many reasons and in my opinion they are guilty but rape cop Moreno's lawyers Joe Tacopina and Chap Seigel are monsters and misogynist that can't hide their hatred of women with the Venus fly trap remark and putting the rape victim on trial.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Can Chad Seigel Be Disbarred for his Venus Fly Trap Comment which was in my opinion an in your face Hate CRIME against the rape victim and all women.

I would like to see Chad Seigel disbarred but first under oath facing perjury charges he would be forced to answer if Joe Tacopina scripted the venus fly trap comment and or had knowledge of it and approved the in your face hate crime.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Chad Seigel Venus Fly Trap Hatred of Women Tactic for NYPD Rape Cop’s assistant lawyer to Joe the Shark Tacopina

Venus Fly Trap
The vagina belonging to an anti-male woman.

Anyone who know the Venus Fly Trap dirty scummy comment by Seigel and plenty think Tacopina scripted it think they are monsters filled with hatred for women.   Making an analogy to a flesh eating plant to a bruised rape victim’s vagina is as sick and low as you can go...bordering on a hate crime.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Beat-Up NYPD Rape Victim Does that Make Them Hell Bound ? Yu Yau, the 23-year-old raped, beaten to death aspired to be a lawyer to help people is in Heaven

This is one Daughter a rape victim brutally murdered and her Mother that Joe Tacopina and his underling Chad Seigel will not be able to degrade, humiliate and rape again in court.   We don’t have to worry that an ignorant, prejudice jury will blame the victim and refuse to believe she was raped.

And the PBA are paying Tacopina and Seigel to do it!  Rapes are up 25% in NY and rapes are under reported.
Is Pat Lynch going to speak up and censure Tacopina and Seigel for their Venus Fly Trap comment?

Yu Yau, a 23-year-old  was brutally  raped  and than murdered here in NYC  .  Yu Yau is in a special place in Heaven where no one can hurt her anymore. No one should die the way she did.  She was walking and a creature posing as a human grabbed her by her hair, pulled her in to an alley and raped her.   He than grabbed a pipe and beat her to death.

If she had lived she might have had to testify in court and face a man or woman like Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel who probably had a good laugh about comparing a bruised rape victim’s vagina to a Venus Fly trap as they pound away at the rape victim day after day painting her as not credible for sundry reasons as if this must be some great joy or hobby of hers wanting to put her self through another form of rape courtesy of the NYPD PBA’s fund that got Joe Tacopina to take the case.   Tacopina brags on his website about charging $750 and hour.   

Tacopina came from humble beginnings so showing off a very expensive watch or car is very, very important to him as is winning even if it means doing something that feels highly criminal and illegal and that is putting an innocent victim on trial instead of the NYPD rape cops.

These rape cops from the 9th Precinct did not call an ambulance.  I have seen the NYPD from the 9th Precinct do this countless times for homeless men and women but they made up their mind they had a living breathing Barbie doll to toy with.    Is NYPD officer Moreno a sex addict?  He admits he is an alcoholic and he thinks kissing a young woman’s shoulder is a form of alcoholic counseling but he denies raping her although based on her bruised cervix the forensic nurse says the bruising supports her story she was raped from behind.   This  young woman is almost to be rape cop’s  daughter but he preyed on her and toyed with her as she vomited and vomited and the 2 cops on their final visit of several through out the night, even making a false 911 call to get sent over by her place and video footage from the bar next doors cameras make it pretty obvious these cops were rotten to the core.

Note:  I ask if NYPD P.O. is a sex addict because an addict will destroy their lives, their families, a job in to get their fix and in this case his fix was some kind of sexual encounter with a beautiful young woman so drunk she repeatedly vomited over and over which was not deterrent for Moreno.  Reminder he admits kissing her shoulder.

Tacopina got the heroin in the rape cop’s locker thrown out.  How I don’t know.   He has friends and persuasive skills?

Yu Yau wanted to be a lawyer but not the kind that Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel are which has them getting prime real estate in a very hot place and they will have lots of company but all very lonely despite the crowds.

Yu Yau came here to help her family.    To send money back to her family...   Now her mother is here dying from grief and a broken heart that will not mend.

Yu Yau won’t be degraded again here in NYC in a NY Court.   Where are the Judges, the DA and the politicians as well as the well monied groups.   They are all silent.

Welcome to Misogynist NYC.

If Pat Lynch does not give Tacopina and Seigel Hell for their Venus Fly Trap comment and their hateful behavior putting a rape victim on trial than the PBA is sending a message --- attention all corrupt cops -- rape more innocent women because we got Tacopina and Seigel as a deterrent for rape victims to come forward.

Rest in Peace Yu Yau and I am sorry for all the suffering and pain your family is enduring here on Earth.   Yu Yau if you can work miracles from Heaven please stop the monsters here on earth and the lawyers like Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel that beat up the victims and rape them again, in a sense murder of a different kind.   

Rest in Peace Yu Yau.  Rest In PEACE.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NYC Rape Epidemic Thank Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Misogyny Rapes Under Reported Up 25 % by Suzannah B. Troy

Pat When Are You going to Publicly Give Tacopina Hell for putting the Rape Victim on Trial Rapes are up 24 percent and are under reported! How did Tacopina get the heroin thrown out? He can’t throw out the video or the cop admitting he kissed her shoulder

Joe can't get the admission the sex predator rape cop kissed her shoulder tossed out, just the heroin stashed in his locker thrown out! The cop admits he kissed the beautiful woman that puked her guts out over and over but the reek of vomit was not a sexual or romantic deterrent for the NYPD cops that claim kissing is a form of alcohol counseling!!!!!!!!

Lucky there is video of the corrupt cops coming back over and over or Tacopina who has 5 children of his own that are closer in age to the woman he is beating up --- Tacopina tries to smear her and discredit her on any small pathetic detail when in fact she is not on trial!!!!!! She heard the Velcro rip. Maybe his partner was ripping open his vest and that was the 2nd rip.

The rape victim is not on trial but hateful Tacopina and Seigel are pounding away at her like she is the criminal.

How did Tacopina get the heroin in rape cops locker thrown out?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pat Lynch head of PBA Publicly Gave Joe Tacopina Hell Over Brancato but remains quiet over treatment of Rape Victim Venus Fly Trap Verbal Batterings

The president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, Patrick J. Lynch, even publicly accused Joseph of bad behavior in the courtroom, saying, "a professional attorney laughing as if this was a joke in front of a dead man's family is the most insulting thing that ever happened in front of a bench in this state." A spokesman for the PBA tells Page Six Magazine Lynch does not wish to comment any further on the matter because he doesn't want to give Tacopina any more press coverage.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/pagesixmag/issues/20090201/Inside+Story+Joseph+Tacopina#ixzz1KflYuSoC

Pat Lynch YouTube Pat Say Something Now or After the Trial YOU HAVE to speak up!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Chad Seigel Misogynist Mr. Venus Fly Trap Reference to Rape Victim’s Bruised Vagina. Did Joe Tacopina script that or was that all Chad Seigel?

Joesph Tacopina Chad Seigel Misogynist NYC Award Winners!!!!

 If you see Chad Seigel please yell Venus Fly Trap has more                humanity than he does!
To read his bio and look at his fellow attorneys that perhaps helped him come up with such brilliant script go here!     That is were I borrowed this photo from.  Thank you. http://www.tacopinalaw.com/?page=attorneys

I guess that opposite of Flower Power which is beautiful and celebratory  is Venus Fly Trap -- a flesh eating plant.   What does that tell you about Chad Seigel and VAGINAS?

What a vile, vile guy.  If only he had to live it first hand.  If only.

"It's not like a Venus Flytrap and snaps?" attorney Chad Seigel asked.
"That is a terrible example," Judge Gregory Carro interjected.

As usual the women’s group mainly funded with big bucks are dead silent.

Gee whiz do you think Joe wrote down those misogynist words or did Chad Siegel come up with it himself?

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2011/04/21/2011-04-21_nurse_backs_up_testimony_of_woman_accusing_two_nypd_officers_of_raping_her_while.html#ixzz1KCRM0i2u

Chad Seigel and Joe Tacopino must have shared a laugh over that Venus Fly Trap comment not understanding it reflects their own anxiety and fears but it proves they are confident they will never be raped and they will never have to endure what a rape victim courageous enough to come forward and endure the abuse and assault by high paid supposedly educate men and women like these two...

Chad Seigel and Joe Tacopino  are just two reasons rapes are under reported.

Pat Lynch and the PBA need to rebuke these two lawyers and censure them.