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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Allegations Joe Tacopina Misogynist Hate Crime, Obstruction, etc NYPD Acted on Hate Crime Threat

Allegations Joe Tacopina Misogynist Hate Crime, Obstruction, etc NYPD Acted on Hate Crime Threat

I filed with the ethics committee and I had filed a complaint against his partner Chad Seigel after the NYPD Rape cop trial for a misogynist hate crime in court comparing the NYPD rape cop victim's vagina to a venus fly trap -- essentially blaming the woman.

I allege Tacopina used the fake account he deleted when I asked is this witness tampering Bod Dobalina and I allege Chad Seigel used Charles Ward -- these are my guesses and FYI Tacopina and Seigel threatened to sue me if I did not remove the first complaint after the NYPD rape trial and I said go a head I will call Mr. #$*$***  Joe Alleged slept with his wife, I would call the client's now ex wife, Bernie Kerik, the federal agents that made the proffer agreement.  I would add now Bernie Kerik's secretly recorded audio.  I would ask Joe what did the feds have on him and a lot more.

I filmed a memorial and I was told Joe Tacopina would not be there but he stalked me and oggled my legs so I asked him why are rapes up in NYC and under reported -- it is on YouTube so that is why I think it was him and he calls me a fight picking cunt --- using a fake account but that is a crime during an open investigation to threaten the victim and when I forwarded to the corrupt NYPD they acted on the misogynist hate crime!  IA protected it all! 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

NYPD James O'Neill Fixing Surveys like he does NYPD Crime Stats?

I believe Joe Tacopina and possibly his partner Chad Seigel committed crimes during my case -- during an open investigation aggravated harassment - harassing the victim me -- trying to convince me to not come forward and take action and Joe committed a misogynist hate crime which the corrupt NYPD detectives acted on to turn the tables on me.

NYPD James O'Neill Fixing Surveys like he does NYPD Crime Stats?


I have come up with the concept of an NYPD app tracker and similar data bases which allow the public to search nyc gov data bases or in the NYPD's case build a citizens data base.

The NYPD app tracker would allow victims to report crimes the NYPD won't let them including NYPD crimes as well as  show how the public sees crimes very differently than NYPD and or be a time capsule for  families who allege  their love ones were murdered by the NYPD.

I was a victim  of a violent crime at a doctors office in Soho.  The attack was so violent I had to have laser surgery on my eye to repair my retina.   The crime stats for that precinct the 1st Precinct never reflected the attack, the threat of bodily harm,  objects that hit my body and my attacker threw her shoes.  The video evidence was acknowledged and the attack written up by an nypd public member but detective "doctored" the DD5s aka police reports  and I got some of them because corporate counsel accidentally gave them to me.


 The NYPD app tracker would allow victims to organize all the evidence they have and what they're missing in my case badge numbers, partners identities and supervisors inside Internal Affairs as  well as the signed letter by my attacker over me threatening me wanting me to not come back and file assault charges again which is a crime.

The NYPD app tracker which track every government agency a victim reached out to and was failed by you could track everything every politician you ask for help we didn't help you to every judge that protected the NYPD who shouldn't have. The NYPD app tracker with track every government agency a victim reached out to and was failed by you could track everything every politician you ask for help wouldn't help you to every judge that protected the NYPD  who should not have.

 When this future app is built it will change laws and police departments and it will prevent the cover-up of systemic crime as well as corrupt cops that are career criminals with the badge  and all the cops in jail right now I'll pass the NYPD psychological evaluation so do the math --  James O'Neill's survey is a fraud.

This occurred under mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly  which prompted me to write this  ...  The NYPD fix crime stats like a Las Vegas casino.

When Bratton took over  inspired this thought --  turn broken windows back on the NYPD. 

I would ask Mr O'Neill would any victim of the NYPD would believe your survey to be accurate ?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel using sock puppets may have broken the law in my case but Fox Cancels Joe Tacopina Stupidly Aggressive Says Critic?

You the Jury Cancelled Agressively Stupid Joe Tacopina Super Loser + I allege He broke laws aggressively stupidly misogynistically threatening me During  an open investigation corrupt 01 Det Squad Rushed to seal his crime, Delita Hooks many crimes w/ their own 

You the Jury cancelled, guilty of being terrible – reality blurred

"... aggressive and aggressively stupid,...".  That describes Joe Tacopina work on aggressive stupid loser he is!!!

You the Jury’ Pulled By Fox After 2 Episodes | Deadline

Joe Tacopina Stupid Aggressiveness Super Loser You The Jury Cancelled 

Did Murdoch family and Fox  considered  for even a minute that Joe Tacopina could've been a sexual liability?  

He  harassed me he came up and stood by me craving my attention and he ogled my legs I can't imagine how he behaved anywhere where he has some power he is an amoral stupid is abuser corrupt evil little man a liar his face looks so tight ( maybe every time he lies his face gets tighter) he's beginning to look like a freak  and he need sto shoehorn to fit into those tight suits that are too small for him.Fox can't afford  another sexual harassment lawsuit and I have a copy of divorce papers that name Joe Tacopina!!!  The guy spells  his name wrong on the first two pages but finally he spells it correctly says he hired Tacopina as a lawyer and he ended up sleeping with his wife !!!!  Joe Tacopina never contacted me to say it is not so so in my opinion -- oh I don't have to say that this is an opinion blog --

I believe Joe Tacopina broke the law in Bernie Kerik's case contacting Kerik after the Feds told him not to and he lied about that and what was the proffer agreement -- what did the Feds have on Joe Tacopin???

Joe Tacopina Loses Super Liar Sued NYDN twice LOST Not a Super Lawyer: News Corp, Judge Piro The Joe Tacopina Scandal?

 Joe is a walking liability in terms of sexual inappropriate behavior in my opinion oh that's right I don't have to say that this is an opinion blog and also I believe he broke the law and here in New York City corrupt cowardly detectives/Internal Affairs in my case protected him breaking laws but sooner or later maybe in Italy he will get  his Karma and get the treatment he deserves an Italian prison!!!!

Joe, NYPD and Internal Affairs  well guilty in my case it's just nice to see someone got some karma so far for all the wrong doing this was something Joe really wanted and he was humiliated he got fired or lost his job laid off whatever...?

High  profile humiliating everyone will know what a loser he is besides  major league baseball fans.   MLB  practically banded Tacopina from the stadiums!!!

Major league baseball can forgive Alex Rodriguez using steroids but not hiring that stupid be aggressive super loser Joe Tacopina!!!!

Joe Tacky Tacopina Tacky-0 serving of Karma pie!
Just waiting for everyone else involved in my case that broke the law to get their karma I really wanted in court I want them to go to jail but if I can't get justice because the justice system is broken then I'll just have to wait for Karma like this...

Joe Tacopina Loses Super Liar Sued NYDN twice LOST Not a Super Lawyer: Fox You the Jury Hires Joe Tacopina of NYPD Rape Cop and Abner Louima Infamy

Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel  compare the NYPD rate victims vagina to a Venus fly trap!!!!

Who would hire such misogynist hateful man???? 

The NYPD detectives in my case they broke laws along with their supervisors and Internal Affairs and they have -- my guess it is coward Joe Tacopina's using a sock puppet account really stupidly aggressive misogynist threat threatening me the victim and the letter I'm alleging he also  wrote my attacker Delita Hooks super aggressive letter to her NYPD fix her also a crime threatening me out again so this is what I think major-league baseball exposed Joe is stupidly aggressive loudmouth and nobody wants to watch them on TV and the only one that appreciates him are corrupt cops breaking was like in my case who acted on his misogynistic crime and I thought no one would ever see this case and it's going to be made into books and movies exposing these corrupt cops top brass that protected them and Corp Counsel  lied and lied and lied the latest Zachary Carter who redacted documents involving the nursing home and testified under oath that he was acting within the scope.

Joe Tacopina's dream  was to be on a reality show we got a show and it failed humiliating Euge big boss yet again like in suing the New York daily news twice and losing twice  but this way he didn't win he's not a super lawyer anymore and Bernie Kerik  his ex best friend and business partner exposed him as a super liar.

Tacopina is obsessed with me and he is never contacted me to clear his name so I believe he absolutely broke the law in my case used a the sock puppet he aggressively stupidly threatened me he broke the law he should be disbarred and arrested!!!!

Joe Tacopina is a super liar.  Joe Tacopina is cursed and not by me but by his evil actions.

 so glad the author of the article talks about the stupid aggressiveness cause that is always what I saw about Joe Tacopina he's an idiot he's stupid and like I said only corrupt NYPD cops value that kind of stupidity and aggressiveness like in my case and they broke was and where the arrests?

 Sometimes when we can't get Justice we just have to be patient very patient because when evil people do their evil it will come around and it will get them so glad he lost this job!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Joe Tacopina and his Wife Family Homophobic and Misogynist?

Joe Tacopina and his Wife  Family Homophobic and Misogynist?

Unless the cowards using fake accounts yet again on YouTube to commit aggravated harassment are lying their are relatives of Joe Tacopina.  I want to ask Joe Tacopina, his wife, his secretary if they know of anyone that committed aggravated harassment, threatened me during an open investigation,
and more all crimes that so far corrupt NYPD have protected but when we get a new commission in to police corruption maybe we will get answers?

I also want to ask Joe Tacopina and his family if they have any knowledge of NYPD fixing, favors and any perks extended to them what Preet Bharara called "call a cop."   A blogger suggested I ask Joe Tacopina about the NYPD, PBA and the NY Pensions for some reason.  Could you imagine?

There are all kinds of rumors that Joe Tacopina is a serial cheater or has
an open marriage (there are over 3,500 searches for Joe Tacopina's wife on my Artist blog and why is that? who could possible care?), that his an alleged rapist (anonymous tips) , I believe he and
Chad Seigel possibly committed crimes during an open investigation
my case and racist NYPD grateful he got one of the NYPD
who claims he did not hear Abner Louimer's screams as his NYPD pal
raped Abner Louima anally with a broken stick -- so that is why Internal Affairs and top NYPD
brass Ray Kelly, Bratton, and now PC Jimmy O'Neill are protecting Joe
Tacopina's crimes?

Like Joe dirty cops do a lot of wrong including on line crimes or do these dirty cops just sit at their desk and do fixing and favors for creeps like Joe?

Joe is addicted to threatening People but he has not threatened recently until his "relative" by marriage using a sock puppet account threatened me if it is a threat?

Who knows but I know on my main blog there are
thousands of searches for Joe Tacopina's wife as if people mistakenly
think I am Joe's wife but I am not

There are cowardly sick misogynist, homophobic (men?) using fake accounts..

one "Commie Memer" tells me I can't hide but I am not hiding he or she is and
whom ever shows how sick and twisted Joe Tacopina is and if this is his wife's
relative than maybe she and her relatives and sick as Joe Tacopina is.  Is Tacopina
sick or a narcist psychopath who can fake empathy but he has none...?

I am not sure if Commie Memer is actually threatening me or not but I do believe
Joe Tacopina did with Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel joining in Oct 7, 2012 and the
both commited crimes if I am right and Joe Tacopina the far more serious crime because
he threatens me using the Cunt word and I am guessing he wrote my attacker's letter
as stupid as Commie Memer also a crime because he conspired with my attacker to
threaten me and for some reason if I am write they were confident the NYPD would cover up their crimes.

Joe Tacopina I allege is the coward still hiding wet his pants too scared to come out of his closet with how many crimes and dirty deeds that are going to give him prime real estate in hell but below a little peek about what Internal Affairs and NYPD have been protected the misogynist hate crime threat by a lawyer to cowardly to use his real name and the coward is I allege the same lawyer that wrote my attacker's shockingly stupid letter also a crime open lying threatening me.....and the corrupt
dirty NYPD now protected by 3 PC's 2 Chiefs of IA, Chief Boyce attacked on the misogynist hate crime joining in committing crimes which is why the corrupt NYPD detectives and their supervisors rushed to seal their crimes with I allege Joe Tacopina's crime and those that lied to the NYPD during an open investigation as well as

And it's TacoPINA not TacoPINO
In the divorce papers the state Joe Tacopina had sex with his client's wife it is spelled Tacopino and Tacopina -- Joe is a cheat and a liar a super liar who is going to burn in hell how ever you want to spell it just don't contact me you since you are a homophobe
commie Memer 
+Suzannahartist faggot
He's my uncle faggot
That would make sense because you are using a homophobic comment which is why I am blocking you. You are not welcome on my channel so don't come back. Ask you uncle about witness tampering, aggravated harassment harassing a victim on line, harassing a victim of a violent crime during an open investigation, allegations he slept with a client's wife -- although he did return the 20,000 retainer, the divorce papers talk about a lot of sex at hotels, than there is Bernie Kerik's audios that prove Joe Tacopina is a super liar. Someone searched on my blog Joe Tacopina is a rapist. I know he is a sick manipulator and he is going to burn in hell but he will have company. Based you your homophobic language you are banned from contacting me any online communications will be considered aggravated harassment. I am blocking you.
My guess Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel could end up in jail and Joe Tacopina broke the law and belongs in jail for what I am guessing both he and Seigel did in my case and now I have 2 more cowards using sock puppets and no surprise homophobic and misogynistic but can't compare to what I am guessing Joe Tacopina did that  should get him disbarred and arrested I have a lot of questions under oath and these two Cowarts I'm happy to ask them and even family members under oath questions about Joe I have a lot of questions about misogyny homophobia language used any knowledge of crimes that Joe committed because that audio Bernie Keri has shows Joe sounding like these 2 sock puppets scared and cowardly but  like I said that's different than breaking the law which I believe Joe did not just in my case http://joetacopina.blogspot.com/2017/03/a-rod-do-you-know-about-joe-tacopina.html?m=1
My guess Joe Tacopina is going to jail and he and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel who compared the NYPD rape cop's victim to a Venus fly trap broke the law involving my case I need to fix sock puppet account cowards case http://joetacopina.blogspot.com/2017/03/a-rod-do-you-know-about-joe-tacopina.html?m=1
I reported the newest hate crime harassment and once you report it -- Google YouTube removes it... you can see the account "AtoZ" which is the first account but I am focusing on the 2nd Commie but I told Internal Affairs it is not Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel who I allege broke the law during an open investigation but these are 2 different men. I also belive Joe Tacopina will eventually get caught doing and next time NO MORE PROFFER AGREEMENTS IF MY HOPE AND HE GOES TO JAIL WHERE HE BELONGS I HOPE FOR ALONG TIME. TACOPINA IS A LOUD MOUTH BUT HE IS TRULY A COWARD.
http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/i-team/kerik-releases-damning-audio-tacopina-case-heats-article-1.1807669 Joe Tacopina is a coward along with his pals that harass me on youtube but hear Joe calling Bernie Kerik when is legally not suppose have any contact. I can't wait until Joe Tacopina gets in trouble again and there is not proffer "Queen for a Day" agreement -- Joe Tacopina is a criminal that belongs behind bars? Sounds like his family is filled with bullies but pull of the mask of a bully and you find a coward like the kind Bernie Kerik audiotaped -- listen to Joe Tacopina on Kerik's audio.
http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2014/03/joe-tacopina-fired-sex-with-clients-wife.html Read the divorce papers naming joe Tacopina as the corrupt lawyer with no ethics that slept with his client's wife.
Joe Tacopina and gang are harassing me --- one is AtoZ a coward just like Joe and I can't wait until Joe Tacopina goes to jail -- his pals or relatives on YouTube cowards, use hate speech "faggot" and "bitch" and are low class scum just like Joe Tacopina. They are confident like Joe they are not accountable which is a good thing because next time proffer agreements might not save Joe Tacopina a super liar from jail. The divorce papers of an ex client name Joe Tacopina as the creep who was sleeping with his wife -- class act but I think Joe Tacopina committed a crime on line more than aggravated harassment so a man claiming to be his relative is copying Joe with aggravated harassment but like Joe a total coward using sock puppet -- why not give your real name or names you cowards and your address so I can look in to legal action.
commie Memer 
Your talking to a kids god damn uncle so you better god damn stop this shit, and don't fucking think writing a long ass paragraph is gonna save you. You ugly ass pimp better go back to your cardboard box in that dark alleyway. Go burn in hell you fat ass bitch. And it not harassment you bitch


In Gangland below is reference to this legal document....that I include a couple of pages -- Joe's named spelled incorrectly the first page Tacopino instead of Tacopina so I include another couple of pages with his name spelled correctly....

I am waiting for the NYDN to file their motion in response to what in my opinion is Joe Tacopina, a desperate man's act to threaten and intimidate the media in to silence and I want to qualify that is my opinion and I have been given the Tacopina Seigel Rape Treatment and I threatened to counter-sue and sent Joe Tacopina a list of who I would call and I never heard from Tacpoina Seigel again.   Joe Tacopina is a bully and in my opinion addicted to threatening People and trying to intimidate them into silence!