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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chad Seigel Tacopina Seigel NYPD Rape Cop Suzannah Troy's Grievance

Supreme Court Dept. of Disciplinary Committee not going to punish Chad D. Seigel, Esquire but the Supreme Court Disciplinary Committee does echo the sentiment of Judge Carro in relation to the crude and inappropriate term  Chad Seigel used in defending his client(s) in the underlying rape trail, it does not rise to the level of misconduct warranting discipline pursuant to the NY Rules of Professional Conduct.

Folks -- Chad Seigel and Joe Tacopina got away with putting the rape victim on trial and an in your face hate crimes against women.  Rapes are up and under reported.  Another NYPD officer has been exposed raping yet another innocent woman and another NYPD officer has been exposed involved with drugs -- as making money off of drugs.  Why not since Cy Vance has given a message to the NYPD -- go for it with drugs and you will get barely a wrist slap rolling the heroin in the NYPD rape cop’s locker in to a year sentence.

In Chad Seigel’s response to the grievance he gives me the full Tacopina Seigel rape treatment and slanders me and Veterans from WW2, Korea and Viet Nam as well as LGBT activists who bothered to protest in front of their law offices with me because we objected to their behavior in court and putting the NYPD rape victim on trial.

Anyone who cares you too can write and complain for Chad Seigel comparing women’s genital in question form to a (Venus) Fly Trap.  This file is closed with in thirty days folks unless you care to write them and tell them your opinion -- at least we can make the file a bit thicker and send a message.

You don’t get to prey on us, rape us because we a drunk, how we are dressed or even naked, it doesn’t matter if we are dressed provocatively from babies to grannies stop the violence towards women, the rapes and murders.   Click on the link to see the photos of the Art Posters I made to dehumanize these misogynist lawyers and it worked.  I can show you Chad Seigel’s upset in his own words sent to the committee as he beat me up lying up me and trashing me.  I call it lying and slander when he says I sent to his offices to harass him.  I had a protest in front of his office with the permission of the NYPD.

Write to:
Department Disciplinary Committee
Supreme Court, Appellate Division
First Judicial, Department
61 Broadway
NYC, NY 10006          re: Chad Seigel, Esq. Docket No. 2011.1204

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel A Series of Sock Puppet YouTube Accounts Harassing Me

Scroll  all the way down and read the comments posted on YouTube using the word Cunt on behalf of Tacopina Seigel.  And funny but The Village Voice exposes the NYPD Rape cops using the same word!
http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2011/07/cy-vance-nypd-rape-cop-heroin-folks.html  Find links to 2 articles, 1 NY Post and 1 Village Voice of cops from the 9th Precinct using the word cunt.  One NYPD officer calls his female Lt. Cunt to her face.

I went to block the anonymous account but the user has disabled the account temporarily to stop me from blocking.  I forward a group email to the FBI just for good measure .  I continue to demand that Google do more to stop cyber stalking and harassment including allowing stalkers to temporarily make their page unavailable after abusive attacks.

Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel the NYPD Rape Cop Rapist with heroin in his locker.....well, Slut Walk did not have a NY branch yet and now praised me but didn’t show up when I held a protest outside the two slimy lawyers offices.  Why would I say they are slimy besides raping the rape victim in court again putting her on trial.  They did everything but accuse her of raping the two cops and compared women’s genitals to a Venus Fly Trap in question form another set-up for blaming the victim.

Tacopina Seigel’s medical expert was Dr. Essing who handed over Baby Lisa with out any paper work and Lisa was finally beaten to death by Joel Steinberg at age 6.  The juries believe him, a man in my opinion that was in part responsible for baby Lisa’s murder rather than the forensic nurse who said the bruising on the cervix was from a pattern that would support the victim’s story.

Was the fix in because here is Brian King and a short heavy woman (I can’t tell if she is obese because of her very baggy clothing) smoking cigarettes who said she knew me from my YouTubes and than wouldn’t leave my side after I asked her until I pulled out my video and started filming her.

The short heavy woman with the cigarette urged Brian King to tell us about getting an acquittal which he did a length and also told me my grievance against Chad Seigel would be thrown out for comparing our genital to a Venus Fly Trap.

I was concerned for me and my fellow protestors safety and so I alerted Internal Affairs and every division of NYPD possible including the LGBT activist since we had gay activists protesting (ironically men not women), the local precinct, and even contacted Commissioner Kelly’s office.

Since then there have been a series of annoymous sock puppet accounts and I can’t help but wonder if perhaps people from Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel are jumping off their Tacopina email to create these annoymous accounts to harass me.  It would be awful if this woman -- who would not agree to give her name yet consented to be filmed is going on to YouTube not giving her name or someone she is associated but it makes Tacopina and Seigel appear like low lives....

I have been sent info on Joseph Tacopina and if you have any more info and Tacopina Seigel and anyone else associated with them you know how to find my contact information if you look at my artist’s website.

We are all ears on anything you want to share.

I have contacted the AG to investigate Cy Vance’s handling of the heroin in the NYPD rape cop but the Public Integrity spokeswoman practically laughed in my face and said in so many words the DA is above investigation and to vote Cy Vance out which is going to happen.

If only all these women and men joined me in front of Tacopina Seigel and I hope one day they will do so.  I really want all these people and Occupy Wall Street to protest Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel as well as Cy Vance the DA.

Chad Seigel’s response to the Supreme court grievance gave me the satisfaction my art -- my large laminated posters was a bulls eye on their bull -- their load of hatred towards women.

I want the media to ask them if they have any idea why rapes are up in NYC and yet rapes are under reported.    I want the media to ask them if the newest rape cop exposed felt emboldened by this pathetic excuse for a case.

Some cowardly sock puppet accounts bragged about the Tacopina Seigel getting a full acquittal like Joe Tacopina’s website with Joe crowing but I have a funny feeling the NYPD rape cop is going to jail for a year and how ironic if he gets in to trouble there as well even with special treatment he some how screws up.

Chad Seigel threatened me with a law suit if I didn’t remove my grievance and I haven’t yet he has not served me.  I would counter sue him and there are question that I am people that follow my blog want to ask Joseph Tacopina about women, about the NYPD, about the PBA and I want to call Bernie Kerik.  I also want to call certain female family members Tacopina Seigel including Joe Tacopina’s mom who a woman walking by our protest chatted with me about and she thought his mom would not approve of Tacopina’s behavior.


Was the harassing misogynist comment   on behalf of Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel’s over weight gal smoking cigerettes a response to yesterday’s posts?


Is it from someone close to Joe Tacopina and this woman or someone that owes Joe Tacopina a special favor?  Are there NYPD officers that owe Joe...?  I am just wondering and it was a concern of mine which is why I called Internal Affairs before I went up to protest Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel demonizing the rape victim.

Like the blogger that was threatened by Casey Anthony’s lawyer I haven’t been served but there is one big difference.  I am taking questions and I was sent a legal document and I want to ask Joe about this one because his name pops up -- who knows maybe it is a forgery.....?   And I want to call Bernie Kerik and ask Bernie Kerik a lot  of questions about Tacopina Seigel, I want to ask Kerik about NYPD ticket fixing, about any favors Kerik may have knowledge about and also if Kerik knew about NYPD cops raping any women or men....if he had any knowledge.

I want to ask Kerik about Levitt’s NYPD Confidential and how Kerik used NYPD officers to pay late night visits to Fox employees because he was told by his mistress one of them may have stolen her jewelry etc.   No one had -- she had misplaced her various missing items.  I have a series of questions along this line.

So is someone close to Tacopina Seigel harassing me -- it would strange if it was a retired NYPD officer or someone close to Joe and that heavy woman that likes to blow cigerette smoke in people’s faces that ask her not to.  I told her I have acid reflux and it burns my throat.  She did not care until I turned on my video camera.

I have been told Joe Tacopina is a terrible guy, a real low life that belongs in jail.  He clearly is in like company and admired by creatures lacking empathy, a moral compass and get ahead of themselves like Joe -- that NYPD rape cop with heroin in his locker is nothing to brag about but we can ask if mom, Mrs. Tacopina if she thinks so.

Was this post from yesterday what stirred up a cowardly cyber stalker’s cunt attack on behalf of Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel  Brian King and that short heavy cigarette smoking staff member who refused to tell me her name just like the stalkers won’t use their real name!

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